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Yep, you heard me correctly.

Nothing kills romance faster than sitting in front of the telly. I’m not talking about those stay-in-dates with a movie. I’m talking about the nights you both walk in the door from work and plant yourselves.

This is an area That Man and I struggle with.

Him, because he’s a watcher of sports. Any sports. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, heck, even soccer, it doesn’t matter, his butt is on the sofa and his attention is anywhere but on me. (Yep, I’m the ultimate sports widow.)

Me, I’ve never been a huge T.V. watcher but I’ve been known to turn on the telly for background noise. (Admittedly, not so much these days with the wee beasties more than capable, and willing, to supply any and all background noise.)

So turn that thing off and…

Spend 30 minutes in conversation.

Take an evening stroll (extra points if you act like a couple of love-sick teenagers).

Plan your dream vacation.

Read excerpts to each other (bonus points if it’s erotic).

Crank the music and dance like no one is watching.

Running off to the bedroom is always good, too. 😉

What will you do when you kill your T.V. for the evening?


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