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Ostara, or Ēostre, is the Spring Equinox and most often associated with Easter. Even though the Christian Easter is a few weeks away yet, this is considered the Celtic Easter.

Ostara runs from March 19 through March 22. It is a period of time where light and dark are equal.

The Hare is the animal totem of a number of lunar Goddesses, Ēostre being one of them. (Ah-ha, now the bunnies at Easter make a little more sense!)

Ēostre is the Saxon Goddess of fertility (and apparently where the word estrogen comes from) thus the Egg and its promise of new life.

During Imbolc the Goddess became the Maiden. Ostara represents the Maiden, in her sacred marriage, conceiving.

Ostare is found in the the First, or root chakra, and is our physical center rooting us to the Earth.

Each Solstice and Equinox relates to one of the four directions. The Spring Equinox – Ostara – represents the direction East (hello, rising sun) and the element of Air.

What Spring traditions do you practice?



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