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Football games started again. The Wee Beasties are on Spring Break this week. March felt pretty successful on the goal front even though the results have been less than hopeful.

1:  Get RID of 30 pounds by August 1st

Y’all see that word change? It’s part of a mind/attitude change I heard on a local radio station and resonated with me. I’m not losing weight. I sure as hell don’t want it back! I’m getting rid of weight.

Still fighting those freakin’ five pounds despite having a successful month.

  • Track all food with MyFitnessPal. Check.
  • Track my water intake with Hydro. Check.
  • Walk daily, with a goal of 2 miles. Check.
  • Strength train 3 times per week. Check

Stocking 2

2:  Cross-stitch & sew Christmas stocking by December 1st

Some progress.

3:  Max Roth IRA contributions by year’s end

The savings account balance is going up, slowly. I had to dip into savings last week — Mama needed new shoes. (Mini Me has eaten three pairs, the little shit.)

  • Save 10% of my income.
  • Increase the automatic monthly contributions.

4:  Reduce reading to encourage writing time

Follow my progress on Goodreads in the side bar.

5:  Write

There has been some new wordage on the WiP but no progress on the steps identified.

  • Schedule time and stick to it!
  • Utilize football and archery practice time for writing or, at the very least, writing related activities.

6:  Build my brand

No progress but some decisions have been made. More on a’ that soon.

  • Blog two times a week.
  • Post on Social Media three times a week.
  • Visit blogs, and comment!

7:  Rock my routines, AKA flying with Flylady

Rocking it.

  • Reestablish my morning and evening routines through baby steps. Check.
  • Plan meals, and shop based on those meals. (Bonus, save money!) Check.

984bf8bda5d152c03f7c1a9741dc45b3How was your month?