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Dating, what’s that?

Running to and fro. Juggling activities. What’s a harried couple to do? Schedule a date!

Sure dinner and a movie are great. Who doesn’t enjoy a night out of the kitchen?! But to keep the romance alive, mix it up now and then.

Play the dating game–

HER: Write three out of the ordinary activities on index cards

HIM: Pick a card

THEM: Go out and do that activity

Next time, have him write and her pick.

Go on a treasure hunt–

HIM: Pick an obscure location then send clues throughout the day

HER: Follow the clues to your lover’s location

THEM: Enjoy the evening exploring the new location, restaurant, or bar

Take turns and switch it up next date.

Do something off your bucket list.

Drive up to “lovers’ lane” to talk and neck like carefree teenagers.

What’s your idea of a great date?



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