Blog Awards

Blog Awards are a lot of fun, both the awarding and the receiving. They are also a fun way to get to know more about a blogger.

I created this page as a way for you to find the related posts easier.

Melanie Macek awarded me this, the same day I award her some awards, LOL. My random factoid is here.





~ * ~


Brinda Berry awarded me not one but both of these awards and my response is here.




~ * ~


Melanie Macek awarded me with this award and I set out to make y’all hungry with this post.




~ * ~


Technically, this isn’t an award per sae but it feels like it.

Keri Lake hit me with it first and this was my post in response.

Then Julie Fedderson tagged me. You can see my questions and answers in this post. Julie is also the fab person behind the graphic.



~ * ~


Claire Hennessy awarded me this one and I had fun with a sexy man post in response. I followed that up with a sexy woman post for equal time 😉




~ * ~


Angela Brown and Angela Wallace awarded this to me within days of each other. Here’s my response post to the Angelas 🙂






~ * ~


A special thank you to Erin Brambilla for my first award on here on the blog. Here’s my post in response.

Then Miho Li also awarded me this award. Here is my response post.

A penny for your thoughts

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