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Let’s talk books!

I love books.  I love all books; paper (soft or hard covers), digital, audio, it doesn’t matter.  I love the feel, the smell, the taste–

Sorry.  Where was I?

Books and the reading of books.  I doubt there is a writer alive who didn’t get into writing because of a love of reading.  I’m no exception.

When I was setting up this blog, I debated adding one of those “what am I reading” widgets to the sidebar, because I like seeing what other people are reading.  The problem is I inhale books at an alarming rate and would end up spending all my time keeping it updated.

Then I remembered Lynn Viehl’s 3 Books feature.  Every once in awhile, Lynn Viehl takes three books from her TBR pile; Just Read, Reading, and Will Read, and answers why she picked it up, what she liked, and what she disliked about each.  Hey!  I can do that.

I picked Tuesdays because a lot of releases come out on Tuesday and I like to show the love when I can.

But I’d like this feature to be a little bit more.  More like a book club.  I hope it will become a place we can find and make recommendations, talk about new and upcoming releases, favorite authors and books, and whatever else might come up at a monthly book club meeting.

Just Read

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (Stephanie Plum) by Janet Evanovich, Paperback

Why I picked it up:  I came late to this series and now I can’t get enough.

What I liked:  The humor kills me.  Each book in this series has laugh out loud moments and this one was no exception.  I love the story line with big bad Ranger needing more lucky than competent Stephanie to help him out.

What I disliked:  I want Stephanie to get both the men in her life (I’m a romance lover what can I say and I like menages :shrug:), despite the sizzling tension in the love triangle, she can only have one.  Go ahead Ms. Evanovich prove me wrong.  Please.


Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, Hardcover

Why I picked it up: This was a recommended read from Lynn Viehl and experience tells me I’ll enjoy what she recommends.

What I like: This story is magic. Not just the having of magical aspects. Lynn Viehl said it best:

Ms. Allen’s debut novel does not read at all like a debut novel, and it’s the kind of book you end up sharing with everyone you know, even people who don’t like to read, so it can work its magic on them.

What I dislike: Not a thing. This is one of the rare — and I do mean rare! — books I would rate 5 stars!

Will Read

Creating Characters: How to Build Story People by Dwight V. Swain, Hardcover

Why I picked this up:  Besides the obvious, a book on craft, it was recommended to me.

What I expect to like:  I’m hoping to get new insight, tips and tricks, into the developing of fully realized characters. I want my characters to be people you’d expect to meet on the street.

What I expect to dislike:  I’m a wee bit worried it’ll be a dry read.

  • And not to be left out, I’m looking forward to Apocalypse Rising by Maria Zannini on May 9th!

What are you reading and loving at the moment?