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The Dream Car…

Back in January, when the parental units were visiting, we went up to Imperial Palace to the Auto Collections. Le Sigh. I found the perfect car…

'62 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster

A two-seat Date Night car…

With my perfect license plate…

Is this me or what?

Laugh all you want, That Man did. He says the new leather sofa has more play room. He may have a point πŸ˜‰

The Specifics

I really want this beauty. Maybe I can take up a collection πŸ˜€

That Man just doesn’t appreciate a sweet ride. If it gets him from point A to point B he’s a happy camper.

Am I alone? Any other car enthusiasts out there?

The Date Night…

We finally had one! Gasp and shock. January is That Man’s busiest month of the year. The “don’t know if you’re coming or going” kind of busy.

If you’re here in Vegas, I highly recommend Bootlegger Bistro on the south end of the Strip. It is the only restaurant worthy of braving the Strip on a Friday night!

Happy Valentine’s Day!