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Gaian-Tarot-Child-AirLast week, in the Meet the Cards series, we concluded the numbered portion of Minor Arcana (pips) of the Gaian deck. Next week, we will begin to explore the Court cards.

The court cards represent family with the father (king), mother (queen), son (knight), and daughter (page). The Gaian deck focuses on this sense of family (or ‘it takes a village’) even more by changing the court cards to Elders, Guardians, Explorers, and Children.

Thus far in the series, I’ve pointed out the nine-point personality enneagram for each card/number to help with character building. Yet, the Court cards don’t neatly fall in to the enneagram chart.

Gaian-Tarot-Explorer-FireHowever, each MBTI type seems to be represented within the Court cards. 16 MBTI = 16 Court cards. You’d think it would be easy to apply the MBTI types. Yet everyone appears to have a different way of assigning those MBTI types to the Court cards.

Tarot Personalities

Archetypes of Tarot

Enneagram in the Court

I realize this is somewhat confusing, and most writers won’t want or need to go into this detail, but I want to give you as complete a tool as I can.

Jungian is my fall back, right or wrong, breaking down as:

Wands — King — Air — Intuition
Cups — Queen — Water — Feeling
Swords — Knight — Fire — Thinking
Pentacles — Page — Earth — Judging

King and Knight — Extroversion — Male — Yang
Queen and Page — Introversion — Female — Yin

Using the above as a springboard, we end up with:


King of Wands — ENTJ
Queen of Wands — INTJ
Knight of Wands — ENTP
Page of Wands — INTP
King of Cups — ENFJ
Queen of Cups — INFJ
Knight of Cups — ENFP
Page of Cups — INFP
King of Swords — ESTJ
Queen of Swords — ISTJ
Knight of Swords — ESTP
Page of Swords — ISTP
King of Pentacles — ESFJ
Queen of Pentacles — ISFJ
Knight of Pentacles — ESFP
Page of Pentacles — ISFP

Fabulous, right?

If this helps with your character development, great, stop here.

Gaian-Tarot-Elder-EarthBut I’d started on a quest to match the enneagram to the Court cards.

A rule of thumb seems to be:

Wands (Fire) are E7 and E8
Cups (Water) are E2 and E4
Swords (Air) are E1 and E5
Pentacles (Earth) are E6 and E9

Again, if that’s enough for you. Great. Stop here.

That seemed too general for me. So then, how do we apply the MBTI we’ve assigned to the Court cards to the enneagram?

Again, an entire science.

I became somewhat obsessed with researching this, LOL. As the Court cards represent people, I really wanted to find out which enneagram fit each card. Heck, even my fall-back site Tarot, Enneagram and MBTI Correlations has conflicting assignments of MBTI types to the nine enneagram types.

In the end, I went purely by percentage.

Here’s the break down I came up with:

King of Wands — ENTJ — E1
Queen of Wands — INTJ — E4 & E5 (50/50 split)
Knight of Wands — ENTP — E7 & E8 (50/50 split)
Page of Wands — INTP — E5
King of Cups — ENFJ — E2
Queen of Cups — INFJ — E4
Knight of Cups — ENFP — E7
Page of Cups — INFP — E9
King of Swords — ESTJ — E1 & E8 (50/50 split)
Queen of Swords — ISTJ — E1
Knight of Swords — ESTP — E7
Page of Swords — ISTP — E5
King of Pentacles — ESFJ — E2
Queen of Pentacles — ISFJ — E6
Knight of Pentacles — ESFP — E7
Page of Pentacles — ISFP — E6 & E9 (50/50 split)

As you can see, my percentage breakdown does NOT fall under the rule of thumb I noted above. (I’ll supply this info on each of the Court card posts but this was my thought process. Thanks for sticking with me!)

Have you ever figured out your MBTI type?

I’d love it if you’d share! As for me, I am very much in my Fire sign with an INTP/INTJ range.

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Images: Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert from Llewellyn Worldwide