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Let’s talk books!

We’ll call this the Front and Center series by Tanya Fenske Edition

Just Read

Marine for Hire (Book 1)

Why I picked it up: The evil er awesome Kait Nolan mentioned it in an excerpt she shared on Facebook. With a comment like “there are a lot of good parts” how could I not check it out?

What I liked: The humor. This is Rom-Com with delicious sex for dessert. The characters were well-rounded and had the one-liners I’d think up AFTER the situation. While you have to suspend belief a bit with the set up the romance feels genuine.

What I disliked: The crazy ex seemed just a bit too crazy.

Just Read

Fiancée for Hire (Book 2)

Why I picked it up: Hey, it’s a series. Gotta get ’em all.

What I liked: Again, the humor. If possible, this one was even better than the first. I thoroughly enjoyed how the heroine knocks the hero’s world off its axis. These two need each other on so many levels.

What I disliked: Not a thing.

Just Read

Best Man for Hire (Book 3)

Why I picked this up: Series :cough: gotta have ’em all.

What I liked: Again, the humor. I enjoyed the mistaken identity of this couple’s meeting. I even enjoyed the fact this ended with more of a happy-for-now than happily-ever-after.

I’m assuming there will be a fourth book featuring the final sibling.

What I disliked: Not a dislike, but when’s the fourth book coming?

What are you reading and loving at the moment?