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Holy cow…where is this year disappearing to?

First off — Happy Canada Day to my family and friends North of the Border!

I’ve spent more time scrappin’ this week than writing but I’m starting to hear whispers, so must have been just what the doctor ordered 😀

The plan is to relax this month. To dabble in whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I do have a stocking to finish cross-stitching for #4 before Christmas. And Nicole is always teasing me with socks to knit. However, I need to get back into the writing. It’s not just a want anymore. So for the month of July my writing goal is to spend 30 minutes each day butt in chair, internet off, hands on keyboard, and the door shut to wee beastie distractions. Crossing fingers those whispers turn in to shouts or demands.

Coyote Con is back! Joely Sue Burkhart snatched up the domain and has set October 26-28 for this year. The main site is still under construction but she’s got forums started and some exciting plans. I’m tentatively set to do a Tarot Panel. Be sure to check out the forums for the other panels and workshops.

I’m taking this Round off from A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) partly because the writing stagnated but also a wee overwhelmed with everything I wanted to do clashing with everything I needed to do. Then I read How do you sum up the loss of a loved one? and perspective clicks into place.

So the rest of my July goal is to let go of the pressures I’ve put on myself to be everywhere, play some online games (MIL and I have been challenging each other all week, I’d forgotten how much fun we have doing this), read more, walk Beastie Girl, swim with the wee beasties, and do some of the crafts that often get pushed aside in the writing frenzy. Somewhere in there I hope to find that middle ground I lost along the way during Round 2 of ROW80.

Yesterday, That Man and I ran a gazillion errands and I picked up a new pair of walking shoes. Squee! Beastie Girl and I are out breaking them in as this goes live 🙂

And last but not least, a Happy Independence Day America.