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As I mentioned on Sunday, I’m tentatively scheduled to do a panel at Coyote Con in October. I’m rather nervous and excited about the prospect.

But how should I go about it?

If we maintain a similar format to the first Con, I’m looking at chatting for a half hour, give or take, then opening the chat room to a Q&A session for the balance of the time, approximately another half hour. Note: I’ll be able to post links but probably not images.

So I open this to y’all.

  • What would you like to see as part of a Tarot in Writing type session?
  • What info have I covered here on the blog that you would like to see expanded upon?
  • Are you interested in more of a how to read the cards like the Meet the Cards series?
  • Or more spreads like I had in the Using Tarot in Writing series?
  • What DON’T you want to see?
  • The Con is for writers AND readers, as a reader is there an aspect of Tarot you’d like to see covered?
  • What have I missed?

Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you at Coyote Con!