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Live Every DayIt’s been an emotional week of loss. Not personal as in family or friends but rather co-workers and acquaintances. A young boy killed in a freak accident. A man in his prime met with foul play. A man lost his battle with age. It drives home how unpredictable this thing called life is.

Had that boy’s mum been frustrated with him that morning? Or had they laughed, enjoying each other?

Had that husband kissed his wife good-bye? Or had he rushed out the door, late for his business meeting?

Had that father said and done everything he wanted to? Or had he passed with regrets, things left unsaid?

I’m human. I admit to frustrating mornings with the wee beasties, like yesterday when #3 “couldn’t find anything to wear.” My heart lodges in my throat when I think, what if that frustration was my last interaction with him. How could yesterday have been better?

That Man is in the middle of his crazy busy season. We’re two ships passing in the wee hours. I admit to running out the door without a good-bye kiss. What would our last interaction be? A text?

We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to live. Or we’re so busy living that we forget to stop and appreciate the people in our lives.

I’m scheduling living in my life. I’m making a date with my boys for one-on-one time. I’m committing to telling them I love them every day, no matter how crazy that day is. And I’m paying it forward.

What do you do to live each day like it’s the last?