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I had never given much thought to blog awards — generally feeling rewarded by the thoughtful, funny, inspirational, and just plain “hi” comments — but they are a fun way of telling a blogger they’re doing something right.

Thank you Angela Brown for awarding me the 7X7 Link Award. I’m so glad Maria Zannini pointed me in your direction!

Fellow ROW80er Angela Wallace also awarded me the 7X7 Link Award. Thank you πŸ™‚

The idea behind this blog award is to celebrate blog posts that made a mark. For this award, we’re suppose categorize our blog links. Oh boy, I’m not sure this blog has been around long enough to fill the categories but I’ll give it a go.

  • Most Beautiful: I’m going to have to go with Gerard Butler on this one and Video I Love: The Scotsman Song.
  • Most Helpful: Okay, I have no clue for this one. I’ll take your votes in the comments πŸ™‚
  • Most Popular: Would be Usint Tarot in Writing which comes in second only to “home page” views.
  • Most Controversial: I don’t think there is too much, yet, on my blog that I’d call controversial but I guess Class Dismissed with Maria Zannini comes close.
  • Most Successful: With the most comments, would be Campaigner Challenge 2: Shattered Image.
  • Most Underrated: Perhaps Tarot with Jenna Reynolds which I feel bad about as she’s the one who introduced me to using tarot in my writing and her class is fascinating.
  • Most Pride-worthy: That would have to be Tarot: The Hero’s Journey where the man himself, Christopher Vogler of The Writer’s Journey, stopped by my wee blog to leave a comment. :fangirl squee:

There are so many wonderful blogs with great content. So many I return to because of the blogger’s voice. It’s hard to pick seven, because so many of you deserve this accolade, but here are the ones I choose: