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Good Grief but this week went in a blink of an eye. MIL and BIL were seen safely off to their next stop. A niece AND a nephew graduated high school! The wee beasties are out for the summer. That Man and I started a pool for the first “There’s nothing to do.” And we’ve officially hit the triple digits of summer here in the Las Vegas valley…

Where’s the pool?

Where’s my ice cold Pina Colada?

Where’s the SPF 100?!


  • Morning Pages for a minimum of 250 words or half hour, whichever comes first, every day. Nada. Zilch.
  • Fiction, either 250 new words (new or existing WIP) or 1 hour of editing each week. Not a word, yet I stubbornly refuse to take this goal down. It’s become my elephant in the room though.
  • Post three times a week here on the blog. Yep. We had a basic ROW80 update on Sunday, talked books on Tuesday, and meet a pyromaniac in the Child of Fire on Thursday.


Support/Social Media:

  • Visit and comment on 5 blogs, at least three times per week, for a total of 15 blogs each week. I know I got around to a few but lost my little slip of paper…maybe 5?
  • One non-blog related post per week on Facebook and Twitter. Nope.
  • One share, re-tweet, whatnot per week on Facebook and Twitter. Nope.

Non-Writery Stuff:

  • Exercise three times per week. Epic fail.
  • Complete The 30-day Diabetes Cure in April. COMPLETE.
  • Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week. Yep.

How was your week?

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