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I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear Hollywood is wrong.

You may have even seen this video floating around the internet. This amazing video is part archery lesson and part history lesson and knocks a lot of preconceived ideas about the sport on its ear.

Lars Andersen is billed as the fastest archer in the world and it’s well deserved.

Wee beastie #3 is into archery, the first thing both he and I noticed was the arrow positioning. We both, instinctively, place the arrow on the outside of the bow (the drawing side), interesting that is the historically correct way. Instructors corrected us with, “The arrow is the filling of the archer-bow menage.”

Having taken lessons. Having aimed at a stationary target. Having missed said stationary target. Wee beastie and I appreciate the level of still and accuracy — and the amount of practice time! — Mr. Andersen demonstrates.

Lost art? Mastery?

Does it make you want to try archery?